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About me

Hi! I am a licensed architect.
I mostly design modern residential projects
but my company also specializes in the design
of lots of other project types and styles.
In fact, I'd help you pick out a front door
if that's where you needed my help.

Cmmercial buildings

I create projects of commercial buildings

Cottages and mansions

Also I create progects of cottages and mansions


And you can order a pool project from me

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My experience

More than seven years experience in both design and project management.
Specialized in residential buildings
and architectural visualization & post-production.
The projects i was involved in comprised numerous typologies
such as high-rise/low-rise multifamily, houses and commercial
and community projects.

My soft skills

I am a responsible and hardworking person,
who is always ready to learn something new.
Detail-oriented, meticulous, multi-tasking
professional combines strong planning
and organizational skills with a solid software knowledge.
I am always eager for new challenges

My personal skills

Strong Drawing
Excellent Sense of Design
Ability to Visualize a Project
Good Communication Skills
Solid Technical Abilities
Good Problem-Solving Skills
Photo-realistic rendering
Good Business Sense
Passion for Work

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